The Perfect Time to Prom Shop for You (+ Your Date!)

What an exciting time! Prom season is just around the corner, and boxes are starting to trickle in at Sophia’s. It’s important to keep in mind when the best time is to begin searching, and ultimately lock in on a dress.
Throughout the summer, our boss babes here at Sophia’s have been traveling to prom markets to find the most popular trends and best selection of dresses for the upcoming season. After looking at hundreds of gowns and narrowing in on a selection, we wait on the orders to be made and shipped our way. Normally this takes months, so many of the new dresses for the upcoming season arrive throughout the fall and early winter. Most of the season’s dresses will have arrived by the beginning of January, which is why our official kickoff to prom shopping is around this time!
Once official prom season has kicked off shopping continues all the way into April and May, until prom has passed. We think the best time to start looking for a dress is anywhere between January and March – let us tell you why. The first couple of months of official prom season are a great time to shop because all of the inventory has just recently come in. This means that less people have probably tried on your gown, and ultimately it will be in better condition. Also, when it comes to the dresses in store, Sophia’s and many other prom stores register their gowns to help avoid a “who wore it best” scenario. The earlier in the season you shop, the less likely you are to find a dress that has already been registered to your school. Lastly, a great reason to shop earlier in the season is because many times your dress will need a couple of tweaks such as a hem. Normally, alterations take a little bit of time since seamstresses work on so many prom and wedding gowns at once. Getting in early can help avoid a time crunch and possible rush fees.
If you are an early or a late shopper – no worries! You can never shop too early, finding your gown in the fall can be a great way to get a head start on prom planning. Shopping later in the season is totally normal, too. At any given time we have hundreds of dresses in store in sizes 00-28, so you never have to worry about not having a selection to choose from.
So, what about your date?
When it comes to formal wear, tuxedo rentals are a much shorter process than buying a prom dress and getting it altered. We recommend that your date comes in 1-2 months out before your prom to pick everything out and get measured. The earlier your date can come in, the better. Since most proms happen within a few select weekends in the spring, popular styles can be taken more quickly. This means if your date wants first dibs, they must be prepared!

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