Sophia's Top 3 Photo Spots in Indianapolis


Aside from choosing your dress, accessories, makeup, hair, AND dinner plans, figuring out the best places to take prom pictures is a chore. To some, pictures are one of the most important parts of the prom experience. So, to make it easier on you, we have come up with a list of our top 3 best places to take prom pictures in Indianapolis.

#1. Garfield Park


Once you get into Garfield Park, you will be overloaded with all the beautiful locations to pictures. There are multiple stone bridges, huge trees, and benches all over the park. The pathways/trails are made of concrete, so if it happens to be muddy you can still get around the park without worrying about damaging your Sophia’s prom dress or shoes. Plus, along the trails, you will find even more perfect spots to snap some photos. As far as buildings go, there is an incredible cobblestone gazebo (pictured above) that has iron railings and a spiral staircase in the middle. The cobblestone makes for a really pretty background.  The conservatory and garden area (pictured above) are also perfect for your photo needs. The conservatory does have an entry fee of $2 and closes at 5:00pm, but that’s a small price to pay for the beauty inside!


#2. The Indianapolis Canal



The Indianapolis Canal is another great place to take prom pictures. Because it’s so gorgeous, it can be busier than other locations. So the only downside is that your pictures could look similar to others. The cool thing about the Canal though, is that here are tons of buildings that have very interesting architecture, which makes for great backgrounds. Plus, who doesn’t love the beautiful Indianapolis skyline!

#3. The Alexander Hotel   

This is a great inside location in downtown Indianapolis. Since April showers bring May flowers, it’s always a great idea to have an inside location in mind for pictures. This location is public so pictures are free inside the lobby. The Alexander is very sleek and modern and the lighting is perfect everywhere you go.


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