5 Pre-Prom Dinner Spots that Won’t Break the Bank

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect place to make reservations for prom night, or even just an extra-special date with your girl or guy, we have this one covered! Being a high schooler on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a night out on the town. We have compiled a list of some of our fave places to eat around Indy that are super nice, and still affordable.
If you love all things Italian, this is your place! This small, historic restaurant sits a little bit further out in the city over by Lucas Oil. The restaurant has a quiet, upscale feel with a really awesome back patio during warmer weather. One of the best parts about Iozzo’s is the Taste of Iozzo’s for Two, which is a three-course meal for $49! You can get a really nice meal for under $50, plus you are eating in a super unique environment. This is a great place to go if it’s just you
and your prom date, or with a smaller group of people. Another plus is that Iozzo’s takes reservations, so there are no worries about having to wait to be seated on prom night.
This restaurant is one of our favorites because they have such an amazing menu, and location! Harry and Izzy’s is located right in the middle of downtown, so if your prom is being hosted downtown it may be walking distance. You can get many different types of classic meals such as steak, seafood, pasta, salad and so much more! (Including those amazing red-skin mashed potatoes) The restaurant also has a wide price range, so that you don’t have to drop $100 on your meal. Harry and Izzy’s is a great place to go if you are eating in a group on prom night. The restaurant is relatively large in size and can accommodate larger prom parties. They also take reservations, so you can take care of your table ahead of time.
If you have never been to Bazbeaux, this one is a must-go! There are also two locations (one Downtown and one in Broad Ripple) so you can pick whichever is closest to your prom! The atmosphere is a little more laid back, but still super nice. This is a great place to go with a group of friends and have a fun time before heading to prom. They have an endless amount of pizza varieties to choose from, plus really great appetizers! This is definitely a nice sit-down restaurant that won’t cost an arm and a leg to afford. The only catch is that there is no call ahead or reservations, so if you are planning to go here be sure to budget in some extra time.
Chances are you have most definitely heard about Cheesecake Factory, with good reason! They have such a diverse menu, which is great if everyone if your group likes something different. This is a place you could go for a more intimate date, or in a smaller group of people. Plus, their cheesecake never disappoints. The restaurant feels a little more upscale, with around $15-$30 entrees. This is also a restaurant that does not take call ahead or reservations so be sure to add in a little bit of extra time. The good thing is these locations are on the southside in Greenwood, or on the north side in Keystone, so they are out of the heart of downtown.
If you are looking for a more intimate place for you and your date, this is it! The restaurant used to be a house and was then converted into a restaurant. Mama Carolla’s serves classic Italian dishes that are affordable, and is definitely the go-to for any couple who wants to have a romantic dinner. Another bonus is that Mama Carolla’s makes each dish individually, and can accommodate gluten-free guests. This restaurant only takes reservations on certain nights for certain group sizes. If you are going to prom with a larger group, this restaurant may not be for you.
Get your prom date or group, get a reservation if you need one, and happy eating!
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